Coronavirus Continues to Affect Hospices

The Coronavirus outbreak is hitting all Hospices in the UK extremely hard. With closures of public buildings and a ban on public groups, this means ALL events and shops have been cancelled or closed. Hospices rely on fundraising events and their charity shops for 75% of their income. A Hospice needs around £4.1 million pounds every year to run. £3.1 million is raised from their fundraising events & charity shops. Now they are cancelled or closed, what happens? We are hearing that some Hospices will have to close if they don’t receive Emergency funding. Devastating, not only for the Hospice patients but for the staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to raise the funds required year in and year out.

We are receiving many letters from Hospices who are finding it even more difficult to get funding during this time of uncertainty. As one Hospice has said “We are beginning to see an increase in discharges out of Hospital with patients who are at end of Life. We are expecting this to increase very soon with the rise of COVID cases.”

We want to help. Please will you help us to help them?

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