Who Are We?

Hospice Aid is a unique UK based charity delivering much needed grants to UK hospices.

Hospice AID UK is the only UK charity for all UK Hospices. We give support where and when it's needed.

We have provided support in all types of ways, whether to help buy specialist equipment, running costs, emergency funding such as baby units, or other areas that are difficult to get funding for.

Due to the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the catastrophic demands of the UK's hospices and support their hard and dedicated work.

There is no charge for hospice care and they rely heavily on public funding.

We are driven by our determination to increase awareness of how reliant hospices are for funding but we couldn't do this without public support.

A donation, however large or small, would mean we could help a larger number of hospices and reach more of the people that need it. Hospice Aid UK deliver the money where it is needed, when it is needed!

Your help today could help someone tomorrow

Hospices throughout the country face the daily task of caring for those who sadly have little time left with us in the most dignified and compassionate way possible, at the same time offering respect and comfort to both the patient, loved ones and families around them.

Hospices up and down the country offer a very special place of comfort, tranquility and peacefulness and of course there are those very special and skilled caring staff that complete the one-to-one care offered.