Donate Your Scrap Car

Hospice AID UK has teamed up with Giveacar, the UK’s largest scrap car and vehicle donation service. The service organises the free collection and recycling of any car or vehicle, anywhere in the UK. Hospice AID UK is able to benefit either from the scrap metal value of the car, or if it is more valuable, the sale price at auction. You can donate a car to Hospice AID UK at our page on the Giveacar website.

How Does It Work?

Giveacar works in conjunction with the largest nationwide car recycling network to coordinate the donation of cars. Any car that is donated will either be sold in a salvage auction for its salvage value, or disposed of at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Their salvage partner guarantees a return for every car we give them – regardless of condition!

The process is very simple. When you call or email Giveacar, they will arrange a convenient time to send round a tow truck. Your vehicle is picked up by the largest vehicle manufacturer approved car recycling network in the UK. They will pick up any car, at no cost to you, and either sell it at a salvage auction, or dispose of it through an authorised treatment facility. Either way Hospice AID UK benefits!

Three Easy Steps

  1. Contact: Fill in Giveacar’s online car donation form or call them on 020 0011 1664
  2. Collection: A collection agent will arrange a convenient time for vehicle collection within 7 days of your initial inquiry
  3. Donate: Depending on a vehicle’s state of repair, it will either be sold at auction or disposed of at an Authorised Treatment Facility. Giveacar receives payment after the sale or disposal. They then make a donation to your chosen charity and you will be sent a receipt from both Giveacar and the charity.