All applications must be received in writing to: Joanne Gratze ( Aid UK, 9C/O Keystone Law, 48 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1JF.

Grant making policy
Hospices are invited to write in to address above with a short one page request detailing amount of money needed for either equipment, core costs, or more often than not a wish list.

Alternatively, email your request to

Please also include the bank details so that we can quickly and easily transfer the funds should the application be successful.

In the early days of the charity our policy was to send out grants at the end of March and October each year. Each application is reviewed on a first come first served basis. Depending on how many applications we have will depend on whether we can give the whole amount to a Hospice or part.

Since the early days we have established an urgent need for emergency funding. If a Hospice gets in touch and has not been able to get funding from anywhere else and it is needed urgently, we will send a grant out to them immediately.

We identified many years ago through talking with the Hospices that one of their biggest problems was the larger cooperate funders only like to give in areas that sound important. Things like mortuary couches, bed pans, sluices etc. are areas that Hospices have the most difficulty in finding funding. Because of this feedback from the Hospices we have our policy on our web site where we state that we do prefer to give funding in the areas where a hospice cannot get it from anywhere else.

Having said that we have never turned a Hospice down that has applied to us for funding.


Who can apply?
Any Hospice based in the UK.

What can I apply for?

Anything your Hospice needs including core funding. But we cannot give core funding as an Emergency grant. We do like to give in the areas where you cannot get funding from anywhere else.

Do you provide Emergency funding?
Yes we do and we may send funds the same day as your request is received.

How many times a year can our Hospice apply?
As many times as you need to, but priority will be given to Hospices that require Emergency funding.

How do Hospices apply?
Always in writing please, either by letter to the address at the top of this page or by email to Please include everything you need as a list and keep it as brief as possible. Plus don’t forget to include your bank details.