The Eternal Bond

Supporting all our hospices

“How people die remains in the memory of those who live on”

(Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the Hospice movement)

Many people have benefitted from the amazing care Hospices provide, not only the patients, but the families too. There is an Eternal Bond between the Hospices and the families even after, their loved one has passed away. So we thought how can we extend this Eternal Bond and continue helping the Hospices with the funds they so desperately need?

We have created a scheme which we hope is a start to hospices receiving secure regular monthly income called simply ……The ETERNAL BOND

Approaching our 20th year, Hospice Aid is renewing its pledge to carry on the work we’ve been able to do as the only charity in the United Kingdom giving emergency funding and grants to all Hospices nationwide.  Mainly in those areas where hospices cannot get funding from anywhere else. 

Our Eternal Bond to the Hospices is to help them with their funding and our Eternal Bond to you is to never allow a Hospice to struggle to buy essential equipment and always help them when they have an urgent request.

There are 265 hospices in the country.  The pressure they are under to raise the 4 million on average every year is immense and even more of a struggle now following the closure of all Hospice charity shops for over 5 months and the cancellation of all of their events. 

In the past year we have given nearly £100,000 to 49 hospices in need of emergency help.  But the fact is Hospices really need 5 times that amount.  

The Eternal Bond is a new opportunity for you to support us, as well as remembering your loved one for Eternity and helping to support the Hospices on a regular basis . 

You will receive a An Eternal Bond certificate with the name of your loved one you wish to remember and also an enamel pin badge in standard, bronze, silver or Gold which you can wear with pride and always be reminded of your loved one wherever you go. 

If you would like to join The Eternal Bond, please click on one of the 4 options below.