All applications must be received in writing to: 
Joanne Gratze,
Hospice Aid UK, 1-7 Station Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 1HT

Hospices are invited to write and request donations for their various needs and support.

Our aim is to donate in areas where funding is not available from other sources. We aim to fill the gap and donate in the areas that would otherwise mean Hospices going without.

Hospice Aid UK especially like to donate in areas that will directly improve the quality of the patient’s comfort and well-being and, also, that of their close relatives.

We like to donate in any area where the Hospice is having difficulty finding funding from any other source.

We will consider all requests for help and we will provide funding for as many requests as we can – most of the time – all of them.

We are here to help Hospices all over the UK but we cannot do that unless you ask us.


Who can apply?
Any Hospice based in the UK.

What can I apply for?
Anything your Hospice needs – we have no rules about what you can or can’t apply for, although we do like to give in the areas where you cannot get funding from anywhere else.

Do you provide Emergency funding?
Yes we do and we may send funds the same day as your request is received.

How many times a year can our Hospice apply?
As many times as you need to but priority will be given to Hospices that are first time applicants. We want to help as many Hospices as we can.

How do Hospices apply?
Always in writing please, to the address at the top of this page. Please include everything you need as a list and keep it as brief as possible.

Do you have a wish list?
Yes we do. Ask for anything, small or large.  Please do send us your wish list requests to