Our Patrons – Steve Thomas

We are delighted to announce Steve Thomas, Business Principal of Haven Funeral Services, has joined Hospice AID UK as our Patron.

Steve was the fifth generation of his family to join the funeral profession straight from school and has now been a funeral director for 38 years.
As well as holding the Diploma in Funeral Directing, Steve is also a qualified embalmer and holds a Certificate in International Repatriation.
Steve joined Haven Funeral Services in 2000 and now oversees all of Haven Funeral Services’ branches, as well as focusing on the many community groups throughout the UK whose custom it is to have their loved ones repatriated for funerals abroad.

Here is a quote from Steve:

“I am delighted to be a Patron of Hospice Aid UK and to support the vital work they do in providing funds to the Hospice Movement. Hospices are essential in providing dignified end of life care to so many families, so the role that Hospice Aid UK plays to that end is crucial and much valued”