Grants We’ve Awarded

We are delighted to announce the following grants have been awarded.

Mary Stevens Hospice
£2604.27 for the purchase of a Laerdal Suction Machine.

Skanda Vale Hospice
£4,800 for a member of staff to complete her MSC. They were unable to get funding from elsewhere, so we had to help them.

East Anglia Children’s Hospice

St. Andrew’s Hospice
£3,432 to extra time in their Salon for end of life patients and children with Autism.

Arthur Rank House
£1202 for the purchase of a hoist.

Demelza Hospice Care for Children
£1797 for the purchase of an Air Flow Mattress

Donna Louise Hospice Care for children & young people
£1500 to support music therapy

The Children’s Trust
£500 to help towards their little breaks programme

Rainbows Hospice for Children and young people
£1500 to help towards a compact CS2 Superior Sluice

The Norfolk Hospice
£500 toward a recliner chair for their In-Patient unit

St. Christopher’s Hospice
£850 to purchase a Syringe Driver

North London Hospice
£725 to help fund therapies & outpatients services.

Birmingham St. Marys Hospice
£2000 to help towards buying a new patient transport vehicle

Marie Curie London
£800 to help towards nursing services

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust
£650 to buy 100 hand held fans.

Brian House Children’s Hospice
£1500 for continued care

Julia’s House Children’s Hospice
£1000 for continued care

Acorns Children’s Hospice
£1000 towards the costs of their neonatal care services.

Lakelandsday Care Hospice
£500 to help fund their Hospice at Home service

Salisbury Hospice Charity
£450 to purchase an Indian massage chair and replenish oils.

St. Michael’s Hospice
£1500 to purchase a new set of mattresses.

Kilbryde Hospice
£500 to purchase some new equipment

South West Children’s Hospice
£500 to purchase a Hoist

Douglas Macmillan Hospice
£550 to purchase a specialist mattress

Bolton Hospice
£500 towards the costs of their services

Pilgrims Hospice
£779 to buy mattress pumps

Hospice in the Weald
£1000 toward the cost of refurbishing their In-Patient unit bedrooms.

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