Hospice Aid UK and Funeral Partners work together to launch Eternal Bond Scheme

We are delighted that Funeral Partners have partnered with us and provided such generous support to kick start our TV campaign to launch the Eternal Bond Scheme.

The Eternal Bond Scheme will provide greater financial security to hospices across the UK, which have seen financial support plummet during the pandemic. The scheme gives supporters the option to donate monthly in Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers, which represent £10, £30 and £50 per month respectively. As part of the scheme, monthly donators will receive an Eternal Bond Scheme certificate printed with the name of the loved one they’re donating in memory of, as well as a bronze, silver or gold enamel badge.

The commitment from Funeral Partners will help see the first tranche of adverts reach over 57,000 homes across the UK, including roughly 250,000 individuals. We hope this will encourage people to regularly donate towards hospices, who have faced unprecedented financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sam Kershaw, CEO of Funeral Partners, said: “It’s of vital importance to the funeral profession that hospices can continue to offer their services to families and their loved ones across the UK.

“We hope this urgent appeal will resonate with viewers and result in a more regular stream of funds for hospices.”

We can’t thank Funeral Partners enough for their generosity and support.

An eternal bond can be set up with Hospice Aid UK by visiting https://hospiceaid.org.uk/the-eternal-bond/

For more information about Funeral Partners visit www.funeralpartners.co.uk or corporate.funeralpartners.co.uk

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