We are delighted to have completed our latest batch of funding in February/March 2022 for the Hospices.

Below are some of the thank you letters we have received. 

“We were truly grateful to receive your donation to pay for our Activities Leader to participate in Forest School Training. Following the training, Sarah will plan & lead Forest school activities for children and young people visiting our for respite care. As well as making much better use of our extensive ground, your donation will enable us to offer meaningful outdoors activities for children, with all the mental health benefits this can bring. Training for staff is an area that we find particularly difficult to fundraise for, making your support even more significant. Thank you for your continued support.

“On behalf of our hospice, I would like to thank the Trustees of Hospice AID UK for their generous donation. HospiceCare is now almost back to what it was before Covid, with our bereavement and dementia cafes up and running and our walking football for dementia sufferers being held again in both Alnwick & Berwick. The rise in Covid cases over the last months, has meant some cancer patients, and other with life-limiting conditions, have not received the treatment they needed, and therefore the numbers that require our Hospice at Home service has risen. Our clinical staff continue to work amazingly hard to ensure all patients get the high level of care they deserve. Your continued support is greatly appreciated by us all.”

“I am writing to say thank you to the Trustees and to confirm our hospice has received the very generous and much appreciated donation which will be used to purchase all of the items that we needed for our Inpatient Unit. It was lovely to receive your wonderful support again, in what is still an uncertain year for us in terms of potential care service disruption and income generation.  Please be assured that this donation is very valuable to us and the nurse who heads up the Inpatient unit was absolutely thrilled when I told her the good news. The improvements to the Inpatient unit that your donation will provide, will bring extra comfort to many patients during the last few weeks of their lives. To have this help at such a difficult time leaves a lasting legacy for the family and so the value of this donation is immense. Without the amazing support of Hospice AID UK, we genuinely wouldn’t be able to be there for these patients.”

“As we begin 2022, I am writing to thank Hospice AID UK for your 15 years of support for our hospice. Since 2007, your donations have helped make it possible for us to keep caring local life-threatened children and their families and we wanted to express our gratitude for your generosity. The most important achievement of our hospice is that for over 30 years we have provided a lifeline to families at an unimaginably difficult time. We are proud to have supported hundreds of families. Everything we have been able to achieve as an organisation, and all the care we provided to families, has only been possible due to donations from supporters like Hospice AID UK. Thank you so very much.”

“We are thrilled to receive your donation and would like to convey a heartfelt thank you to Hospice AID UK for your continued support of our hospice. It is hugely appreciated and will make a positive difference to the lives of local people.The support of Hospice AID UK gives us confidence to plan for the future demand in the knowledge that we can meet the needs of our local people at their time of greatest need.”

“On behalf of each and every one of us at our hospice, we would like to thank you or your ingoing support. Looking back and reflecting, the pandemic has provided considerable challenge to us all. The scale of the loss, separation and restrictions has taken an emotional and physical toll, yet amidst it all, our frontline nurses and staff have never ceased to provide support. Our hospices did not stop and neither did the generosity of the people whose chose to support us and it is thanks to that we were able to keep going. None of the work we do would be possible with out the support of Hospice AID UK. Thank you for your support.”

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